Why Support PyData?

Katharine Jarmul reflects on why
she decided to help organize
PyData Berlin.

There are so many different conferences, projects and events you can attend every year. Why support PyData? Why join the PyData meetup or conference?

Clearly as an organizer for PyData Berlin, I have my reasons for supporting this organization, so let me name a few:

  • Giving Back to Open-Source: PyData conference proceeds go to NumFOCUS, who in turn supports many open-source projects, such as Julia, NumPy, Jupyter and many more. By donating my time to organize with PyData Berlin, I am helping encourage financial and community support of open-source tools and the authors who contribute their time.
  • Awesome Community: The PyData community mirrors some of the amazing community experiences I have had with Python (and the original PyLadies chapter). A friendly and diverse group focused on growth, intellectual advancement and helping one another.
  • Advanced Topics and Talks: As an organizer, I get to learn, debate and grow as a data scientist nearly every time I attend an event. The focus on research and advanced topics keeps me and other folks I respect coming back for better conversations and more learning.

There are numerous other reasons, including how I feel about giving back to my local community and supporting diversity initiatives in technology communities.

So whatever your motives are for attending conferences and events, I hope that I have given you a few to ponder. Perhaps, I will see you at the upcoming PyData Berlin conference!

- @kjam